Solar is poised to transform health, education, and other services for rural communities. 

But the renewable energy sector in Nepal is broken. Prices vary drastically and most systems fail after just six months or a year as a result of poor installation, low quality equipment, and lack of inspection and maintenance.

SunFarmer is a social enterprise founded by international solar energy experts with the mission of reforming renewable energy in Nepal. We are committed to setting new standards for performance, safety, and fair pricing.

As a "service layer" provider, we oversee every step in the process to ensure that our NGO customers receive the best possible value on systems that are built to last:

solar system design - SunFarmer

SunFarmer conducts a comprehensive energy audit and designs a system tailored to your energy needs and use patterns.

solar system monitoring - SunFarmer

SunFarmer’s innovative monitoring platform shows how solar energy systems are performing over time, and enables quick identification of problems before they occur.

Solar panel procurement - SunFarmer

We leverage bulk pricing to bring you the best equipment for the best price. 

Solar system maintenance - SunFarmer

SunFarmer guarantees both routine maintenance and prompt outage repairs for the duration of the contract terms -typically 5 years.

solar system installation - SunFarmer

Every installation must pass SunFarmer's 15-page quality and safety checklist.


Solar is more reliable than the grid, and more cost-effective and cleaner than diesel.

Our customers include

Siddhartha Shakya, SOS Children's Village Jorpati Solar

Leveraging International Expertise

SunFarmer was founded by international solar industry veterans who helped scale renewable energy in North America and Europe. We leverage technology and expertise from SunEdison, the world's largest renewable energy company.

Our vision for Nepal

At SunFarmer, our mission is to set new performance, safety, and fair pricing standards for the solar energy sector in Nepal. Solar is the future, and we believe in a sector that is capable of delivering it right now. 

Ready to get started?

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4. Contract signed, system installed, power ON!

5. SunFarmer will continue to monitor the system, conduct routine maintenance, and make necessary repairs as per the customer contract.