Best In Class Value

Many companies sacrifice quality to minimize the upfront cost, resulting in system failures and expensive repairs.
We focus on minimizing the long term cost by installing systems that are built to last.
With SunFarmer, you get the most energy for your investment.


reliable energy - Guaranteed

We don't just walk away after installation--we take responsibility for long-term monitoring and maintenance on all systems. With our innovative monitoring technology, we know immediately if something goes wrong, and we'll send someone to fix.

SunFarmer Customers and Earthquake Relief in Nepal (Solar Energy)

Our customers include Possible (Nyaya Health), SOS Children's Village, Kopila Valley Children's Home, ICIMOD, and The Oda Foundation. We have formal partnerships with AEPC and WinRock International.

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SunFarmer was founded by international solar industry veterans who helped scale renewable energy in the US, Canada, and Europe.


Our vision for Nepal

Solar is the ideal energy solution for Nepal: it is more reliable than the grid, more cost effective than diesel, and cleaner for the environment.  But the solar energy sector in Nepal is broken. With a wide range of prices and no performance or safety standards, solar has become a risky investment. At SunFarmer, our mission is to set the standards needed to make solar the first choice for energy in Nepal.

We are working with all stakeholders in the industry - technology providers, installers, banks, government, and NGOs – to develop and enforce the performance and safety standards needed to make solar a cost-effective long-term investment for businesses and communities.